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Rome Mercy Sunday, Covering the Santification of St. Faustina Gina D'Alessio & Dino Valle
Performance of Cavalleria Rusticana
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Meyer's Gardens
Julian Labro, Madi Dissimole and Dino Valle perfomring at the unveiling of Da Vinci's Horse
Rome, St. Peters Vatican
Kathi & Dino Valle Reporting the santification of St. Faustina WCAR Radio
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Mercy Sunday, Live Coverage of St. Faustina
on the roof of the Vatican
Press Section - 4-30-2000
kathi & Dino Valle
After a performance with Pablo Elvira, Quinto Milito & Peter Soave - Naples, FL
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Kathi Valle
Mercy Sunday 4-30-2000, Vatican, Rome
With nuns from Poland - Santifaication of
St. Faustina